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Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty is Australia’s longest-running online beauty store, and an official stockist of over 200 leading global beauty brands.

Industries: Beauty, Cosmetic e-commerce

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Adore Beauty’s rapid growth led to increased errors in its warehouse. It was dealing with:

  • Increased client expectations, order volume, and SKUs
  • Picking errors, inventory accuracy issues, and labor and packaging inefficiencies
  • A WMS too inflexible to meet new demands

Solutions Implemented:

A new WMS enabled Adore Beauty to get back on track. This included:

  • Warehouse advantage
  • Slotting
  • Page editor


Adore Beauty was able to increase pack time while reducing pick time and error rate. It:

  • Achieved 3x faster packing
  • Saved 26,093 KG of cardboard annually
  • Saw fewer than 12 errors per thousand items during the busy Christmas season

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