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AB InBev

AB InBev’s Magor Brewery produces keg, bottled, and canned beer, including the Stella Artois and Budweiser brands for the British market.

Industry: Beverage

Location: Magor, Wales

Automated storage solution

Körber provided a significant storage solution to maximize storage density, improving the vertical space usage.


AB InBev needed to maximize storage density to increase throughput in its warehouse. This meant:

  • Improving vertical space usage to allow a storage increase from 2 pallets to 6 pallets
  • Achieving increased throughput performance with vehicles that can handle more pallets at once
  • Maintaining safety, quality, and performance standards while working around the clock


Solutions Implemented:

Körber helped AB InBev guarantee orders are ready on time with minimal human effort. We:

  • Implemented multiple-depth storage solutions using satellite vehicles to maximize storage weight and height
  • Achieved full integration with ABI management software so that no changes needed to be made to existing production processes


AB InBev can successfully keep up with growing UK demand for its beer brands.

  • New technology helps decrease its warehouse’s carbon footprint by 605 tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 600 homes
  • The company avoided needing to expand or move warehouses, maintaining operations in its 80,000 cubic meter warehouse

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