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“Parcel+Post Expo really has it all! It is a trade fair, it is a conference, it is a platform for discovering the latest trends and innovations in the CEP market, and it’s an opportunity to meet our valued customers in person once again and cultivate new business relationships.” 

Thorsten Bohn
Head of Sales Parcel Logistic, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Working with Körber has been a closely-knit journey. We selected Körber due to the vested commitment and interest to help sustain and grow our business and grow with our company.  Very dedicated team members who push for excellence and stay the commitment.  Since implementation, we have seen highly increased efficiencies in reporting, increased accuracy of reporting, as well as more reliable and capable forecasting abilities

Troy Allen
Director Global Supply Chain Finance, Urban Outfitters

As our business grew exponentially in volume and complexity, we needed a partner who truly understood the details of carrier agreements and was able to translate it into simple rate structures that we understood. This is where Körber came in. They have exceeded their promised ROI and saved us materially more in shipping costs than had we dealt with the carriers on our own. Specifically, they helped us navigate a multi-carrier strategy for parcel shipping with negotiated minimums allowing us to have our cake and eat it too. If you don't have time to decipher the purposefully dense contracts from carriers and need to reduce your transportation spend, partner with Körber

Hamaad Akmal
VP of International Ops & Global Logistics, GOAT

Our partnership with Körber began with freight audit and payment services for the United States, and we’ve started to expand in other territories around the world. Their collaboration and data analytics provide an additional arm to our logistics team, improving our cost management and delivering enhanced value to our customers. Through ongoing discussions, we plan to expand into other service offerings from their team.

Nathan Remaly
VP, Logistics, Zones Inc.

Teamwork is our top priority. The doors are open, the communication channels are short, and as a result we always reach decisions quickly. Here you can rely on EVERYONE!

Sarah Eberle,
Director Field Marketing EME, KSC Consulting

Overall, it was an extremely positive experience. Körber helped us set the benchmark with our freight, and we are excited about the carriers, service and rates we have in place.

General Manager
Accent Decor

Körber does a really great job of connecting you to why you should take your time and understand the best strategies for your business. They really understand supply chain, business and challenge. Körber provided a very focused, design-driven TMS implementation that we believe will carry us through for years to come.

Ashley Miller
Director, Digital Transformation, Koch Ag and Energy Solutions

I'm glad I contracted with Körber to analyze our small package shipments. Without this analysis, there was no way I could be confident the new agreement our carrier had on the table was fair.

Mike Neff
Director of Ecommerce, Sports Unlimited

93 percent of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.

HubSpot Research

34 percent of businesses have shipped an order late because they inadvertently sold a product that was not in stock. 


In 2021, $3.23 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces.

Thrive my way

A customer is 4x as likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related, rather than price or product related.

Bain & Co.

67% of retailers say an OMS & POS integration is critical to their strategy.

Körber's Enspire Commerce team brings a wealth of retail and 3PL experience, making them a truly valued partner for our business.

Steve Congro
Director of Omnichannel Technology, Saddle Creek Logistics

The capabilities of Körber's OMS and Unified Commerce Platform are extremely robust. Their solution is exceptionally sophisticated and agile to meet our long-term needs.

Tricia Tolivar

Körber's Enspire Commerce OMS has been an integral part of the Titan Brands’ digital transformation, helping us to provide a better customer experience through increased visibility and reliability throughout the delivery process.

Jeff Hill
Director of Global Supply Chain, Titan Brands

Durch die zunehmenden Dynamiken entlang der Lieferkette gewinnt die ganzheitliche Logistikoptimierung zunehmend an Bedeutung. Mit Körber setzen wir auf Lösungen, die über die Grenzen des Lagers hinausgehen und mehr Prozesstransparenz schaffen. Dank moderner Softwarelösungen halten die Logistikabläufe von Engelbert Strauss auch mit dem Unternehmenswachstum Schritt.

Matthias Fischer
COO bei Engelbert Strauss

This kind of fulfilment is on the rise as eCommerce continues to take up a larger percentage of the retail spend. We knew this kind of approach would work very well for Chemist Warehouse and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results.

Nishan Wijemanne
Managing director of Körber Supply Chain Asia Pacific

Android Voice is truly a flexible and scalable investment in improving and expediting DC workflows, especially for retailers who tend to experience various shifts in demand. This makes the solution a great fit for Kmart

Nishan Wijemanne
Managing Director of Körber Supply Chain Asia Pacific and global leader for AMR solutions

This investment is a significant step for Catch Group in its move to offer faster and more convenient fulfilment options for its increasing customer base.

Richard Whetton
Head of Fulfilment at Catch Group

Körber is a leading integrator and developer of tech solutions designed to enable rapid optimization of workflows and processes within transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, FMCG and retail...

Körber Supply Chain

With Körber’s AMR solution, which is based on Geek+ technology, we immediately saw a very fast and efficient picking productivity and throughput solution.

Milton Pimenta
Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, CEVA Logistics

Ohne K.Motion Warehouse Edge wäre es uns unmöglich, eine Bestandsgenauigkeit von über 99,99 Prozent zu erreichen.

Randy Dunn,
VP of Operations DBH Distributing, LLC

An K.Motion Warehouse Edge schätze ich besonders, dass es einerseits rigide ist – was bedeutet, dass es Sie dazu bringt, es richtig zu machen – aber andererseits auch flexibel, da es an Ihr Unternehmen angepassten werden kann.

Andrew Sisco,
Operations Manager, Logo Brands

“Körber’s full service offers us a maximum level of technical and financial safety.”

Steffen Buck
Head of International Material Logistics, Quality & Environmental Management, J. Schmalz GmbH

“When the system was first implemented, Körber supplied a package of essential spare parts. If any parts wear out, we can replace them without having to stop the entire system for 3–4 hours, which would cause chaos in our warehouse.”

Inge Fatland
Co-owner and Technical Manager, Fatland

“The service technicians from Körber have conducted the maintenance of our system since the first implementation in 2001, and the system has remained reliable and field-proven throughout this period. The results of systematic follow-up are daily and weekly operating reports that have often proved an availability of 100% measured over 24 hours on the operation of the 11 cranes and the associated conveying system.”

Stefan Hjerpe
Manager Warehousing & Infrastructure, Tetra Pak Technical Service AB

The team behind the Layer Picker is very professional, and this has given us even more confidence in the solution, which delivered outstanding results from the first push of the button.

Stuart Alldridge
Senior Project Implementation Manager, Kraft-Heinz UK

Characteristic is its [the Layer Picker Gantry’s] large capacity and adaptability: it allows us to pick product layers from large numbers of pallets simultaneously and to mix several orders together. This was a decisive factor for us, because it enables us to achieve the further growth we are aiming for, while maintaining the quality of our services.

Arie Thomassen
Director, AG Logistics Services, Netherlands

Körber has helped us grow our business for more than a decade with their Layer Picker solutions. They understand that service does not end
when the project is finished.

John Pelzer
Technical Manager Kuehne+Nagel, Netherlands

Exploring Micro fulfillment options will give any retailer a head start on Amazon penetrating the retail market on a larger scale.

Nishan Wijemanne,
Managing Director at Körber Supply Chain APAC & Global Leader for AMR Solutions

Having the Körber Layer Picker® installed on 3 sites gives Kuehne + Nagel a very flexible setup and has meant a lot of rationalization in the competitive 3PL market. Without the added value from the Layer Picker®, this would not have been possible.

John Pelzer,
Technical Manager, Kuehne + Nagel Netherlands

By importing the data live into the SAP system, they can easily be reproduced in the system. Both the avoidance of incorrect bookings and the flexible use offer great benefits for Preh. In addition, there is also considerable time savings and an increase in productivity in all logistics processes.

Christoph Seitz,
IT System Analytics at Preh GmbH

Peet’s Coffee is extremely happy with HighJump DSD, stating that the company can do more than he had ever imagined given the system’s intrinsic power and the accommodating nature of HighJump’s personnel.

Körber allows us to offer a service that we could not otherwise provide,” Tomajko said. “It is extremely flexible, and by eliminating manual inputs and invoicing, it speeds up operations while also cutting costs by reducing the associated warehouse labor requirements.

We simply did not have the bandwidth to keep pace with the growth or to continue meeting the commitments we had made to our customers. We had been using paper and labels in our picking operation, and RF scanning for putaway and replenishment. We discovered that our paper-based picking system sub-optimized both productivity and accuracy and our RF technology had a number of moving parts that seemed to affect reliability.

Robby Dhesi,
Vice President of Operations at Fox

Körber has delivered a future-proof solution created with the latest technology that is adapted to Scania’s requirements and wishes. The installation has been carried out within a very tight timeframe of only three weeks, where dialogue and cooperation are key factors for ensuring that everything goes efficiently and according to the plan. The collaboration with Körber has been optimal. Challenges came up along the way, but it has been solved to Scania’s full satisfaction.

Jakob Holmgren,
Process Engineer, Scania CV AB

Due to the new equipment from Körber, our production unit at Vinderup has achieved higher palletizing efficiency and has thus saved staffing costs. Furthermore, we have eliminated monotonous, repetitive work tasks and have thus also improved the working environment significantly. The new equipment is integrated with our production’s IT systems and contributes to ensure that we have full product traceability.

Rasmus Erkstrøm Christensen,
PTA Manager at HKScan

Körbers system is unique in its combination of the picking and handling of complete parcels. Furthermore, we have worked together with Körber over the last eight years, and they have always been able to fulfil our expectations, both as regards deadlines, financial framework, and engineering skills.

Audun Johnsen,
Logistics Manager

Our cooperation worked really well. Körber understood our challenges and solved them for us – on time, that is. This was essential to us, since time is an incredibly important factor for such a large system. The solution is tailormade for us – we had some limitations due to existing buildings, but this was solved by Körber.

Inge Fatland,
Co-owner and Technical Manager, Fatland

The Körber Layer Picker® does what it says on the tin. Working with Körber and the team behind the Layer Picker® has been very professional and has added even more confidence in the solution delivering outstanding results from the first push of the button

Stuart Alldridge,
Senior Logistics Execution Manager, H.J.Heinz Manufacturing Ltd, UK

A major benefit we’ve had is we can re-plan the whole operation from a very safe vantage point. We can theorize; we can re-model the warehouse again and again without affecting our operations, which is crucial for our service levels.

Christian Mander,
Senior Business Analyst, Palletforce Ltd

All our customers love the fact that our warehouse simulator is so easy to use. There’s no big overhead when it comes to teaching them, or in terms of maintaining the solution. People can very quickly get up to speed and derive value.

Simon Shore,

The work Körber carries out is vital in terms of ensuring sick people receive the correct drugs. I’m very proud of that, plus the fact that we’re helping organizations across the pharmaceutical supply chain to address FDA serialization challenges.

Bob Kennedy,
RC Kennedy Consulting

Körber’s DOM is the “secret hero” among our supply chain solutions. It serves as a data and process broker, organizes multiple warehouses, allocates orders between them and determines the best transportation options. It provides true end-to-end visibility across the logistics network. By the way, it also helps with source determination and secures Availability-to-promise.

Veit Liemen,
Senior Vice President Sales Europe at Körber

If you find yourself in a refrigeration area or an underground storage zone without a signal, no problem – you simply continue working offline.

Derek Curtis,

The day-to-day issues a marine terminal faces can be anything from weather to shipping and port authority constraints, volume of traffic and shortage of pilots, etc. All these things must be considered when you’re scheduling shipping.

Julian Brown,
Consultant, Port Plus Operations Consultancy

Scheduling vessels into and out of terminals is an extremely complex and time consuming task, with all the factors you must consider. Körber’s mission is to optimize your infrastructure and help you to transfer more products across the berth in a safe, efficient and productive way.

Simon Shore,

Most of our products weigh thirty pounds or more per case, so having two hands free was a big motivator.

Aaron Chrismas,
Director of Strategy and Technology, ContainerWorld

Our new approach to a voice-guided preventive maintenance process is exceeding our expectations for shop productivity and customer uptime.

Gregg Mangione,
Senior Vice President of Maintenance, Penske Truck Leasing

Identifying new efficiencies and opportunities, we can take our partners’ businesses to a higher level.

Tom Lee,

The reason why we’ve been with some of the same companies for 25 years is our commitment to fostering these relationships and continually looking for new ways to add value.

Tom Lee,

We really pay attention to the way people learn today, tracking and reporting what people do; which most software companies don’t do.

Cheryl Reisdorff,
Vice President, Enablement, Körber

By using the learning management system to track who has taken the course and identify any gaps in understanding, you can reduce the risks during implementation.

Cheryl Reisdorff,
Vice President, Enablement, Körber

Being able to offer a depth of knowledge and elevated services as an à-la-carte option, we’re able to provide an enhanced level of system stability.

Kevin Hansen,
Director of Worldwide Support, Körber

We take pride in our depth of knowledge of your system – we want to be a part of your team, not just another service.

Kevin Hansen,
Director of Worldwide Support, Körber

Immediately, you have full visibility of, and complete transparency across, your entire supply chain – something you would never get with an external bolt-on.

Veit Liemen,
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Consulting, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

For our customers running SAP worldwide, it makes the most sense to completely integrate their supply chain processes on the SAP platform. This means every warehouse and every transport management solution needs to be SAP-based. As an international company, we can deploy these solutions on a global scale. That’s something not a lot of our competitors can do.

Karl-Heinz Kern,
CEO Körber Supply Chain Consulting

For our customers that run SAP worldwide, it makes the most sense to completely integrate their supply chain processes on the SAP platform. This means every warehouse and every transport management solution needs to be SAP-based. As an international company, we can deploy these SAP supply chain solutions on a global scale. That’s something not a lot of our competitors can do.

Karl-Heinz Kern,
CEO Körber Supply Chain Consulting

Yard Logistics synchronizes warehouse and transport processes and increases visibility for all involved employees. Customers immediately benefit from the increase in transparency and efficiency that results from digitizing these processes.

Olaf Moschkau,
Sales Director for SAP Supply Chain Execution Solutions, Körber

The SAP Business Network for Logistics (SAP BN4L) is the perfect extension of the SAP Supply Chain Logistics suite. The ability to view the complete end-to-end process, and to make event-driven decisions based on correct real-time data is fast becoming a significant competitive advantage.

Olaf Moschkau,
Sales Director for SAP Supply Chain Execution Solutions, Körber

Having the Körber Layer Picker installed on 3 sites gives Kuehne + Nagel a very flexible setup and has meant a lot of rationalization in the competitive 3PL market. Without the added value from the Layer Picker, this would not have been possible.

John Pelzer,
Technical Manager, Kuehne + Nagel

With the goal of keeping our supply chain technologies and expertise strategically close to the needs of our customers, we want to set new standards with the help of technology and innovation.

Pieter Feenstra,
Chief Sales Officer at Körber Supply Chain – Automation

For our customers running SAP worldwide, it makes the most sense to completely integrate their supply chain processes on the SAP platform. This means every warehouse and every transport management solution needs to be SAP-based. As an international company, we can deploy SAP supply chain execution for these solutions on a global scale. That’s something not a lot of our competitors can do.

Karl-Heinz Kern,
CEO Consulting, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Our strength is an adaptable approach to a broad and deep solution portfolio. From a warehouse management perspective, there really isn’t a scenario that Körber can’t address.

Craig Moore,

Während der gesamten Projektphase war das Projektteam ein verlässlicher Partner. Besonders beim unternehmenskritischen Lagerumzug mit parallelem Go-Live des WMS waren wir eine starke ‚Seilschaft‘, die Lust auf das Erklimmen weiterer Gipfel macht.

Holger Cecco-Stark,
Head of Technical Business Solutions, Bergzeit

Mit dem Go-live des gesamten Logistiknetzwerks eröffnen sich enorme Chancen. Die neue Systemlandschaft liefert eine software-technisch saubere Basis, die alle Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung bietet.

Max Peter,
Geschäftsbereich Handel & Supply Chain Management bei Emmi

We chose K.Motion WMS X because of its ability to provide superior transparency of our stocks, continuous barcode scanning, and support for the extended voice system that vitally contributes to high picking quality.

Frank Walter,
Logistics Manager of Mediq Deutschland GmbH

Durch die Zentralisierung der logistischen Abläufe am Standort Erfurt ist eine komplexe Logistikinfrastruktur entstanden, die eine Vielzahl an Systemen unter einem Dach vereint. In diesem Zusammenhang kommt der Leistungsfähigkeit des Warehouse Management Systems ein sehr hoher Stellenwert zu.

Andreas Voigt,
Leiter IT der KNV Gruppe

As a specialist retailer of steel and iron products, we have high quality standards. To speed up and streamline our processes, we optimized our entire logistics network – from receiving goods to transport management, right through to the last mile.

Joaquim Maria Masramon Ordis,
CEO of Ferros Puig

The support we received from both the Samsara and Körber teams made the whole process seamless. The integration has helped us fully automate our dispatch process. And getting our data back in a real-time atmosphere is fantastic.

Timothy Layhee,
Director of Business Development of SmartWay Express, Inc.

Many of our customers use our Warehouse Control System in highly complex operations with millions of communication telegrams per day. Our system efficiently manages their entire material flow and allows them to fully benefit from their investment.

Ralf Leuthner,

Gerade im Logistikumfeld ist die Beratung auf Augenhöhe für die Entwicklung und den Erfolg der optimalen Lösung entscheidend. Die Berater von Körber können mit ihrer einzigartigen Mischung aus langjähriger Branchenerfahrung und tiefem IT Know-how diesen Anspruch voll erfüllen.

Wilfried Pfuhl,
COO, Körber Supply Chain Software

Installing and running your supply chain software on-premises can be risky, especially if you don’t have the resources to carry out a successful implementation. That’s why so many customers leverage our cloud-hosting experience of more than 10 years and our global team of cloud experts.

Scott Brask,
Vice President of Cloud and Security Operations, Körber

En logistique, les discussions en face à face sont essentielles pour le bon développement et le bon fonctionnement des futures solutions. Forts de leur longue expérience sectorielle et de leur précieux savoir-faire IT, les consultants Körber ont toutes les compétences requises pour tirer le meilleur parti de ces échanges.

Wilfried Pfuhl,
COO, Körber Supply Chain Software

A significant advantage of the Körber Cloud is that the hosted solutions are platform-independent and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT system landscape.

Massimo Acquasanta,
Head of SAP Applications of Braas

Es war uns ausgesprochen wichtig, einen starken SAP-Partner mit umfassenden Referenzen und geeigneten eigenen Add-ons zu bekommen, der vor allem die Einhaltung des straffen Zeitplans ermöglichen würde.

Dieter Pollaschek,
Expedition Manager, hortus GmbH

In today’s highly complex business landscape, organizations need to deal with the pressing challenge of integration if they’re to remain relevant and competitive.

Sean Elliott,

With the ERP Integration Platform, you can control your own integrated supply chain solution, increasing efficiency and dramatically reducing costs in your company with a long-term, do-it-yourself approach.

Sean Elliott,

Körber’s team of experts can be relied upon fully, and we can have complete confidence that efficient application support will be provided even at short notice.

Heinz Haben,
Head of Global Logistics Processes & Systems, Villeroy & Boch AG

Die Installation und der Betrieb Ihrer Supply-Chain-Software vor Ort kann Risiken bergen, insbesondere, wenn Sie nicht über genügend Ressourcen verfügen, um eine erfolgreiche Implementierung zu gewährleisten. Aus diesem Grund machen so viele Kunden von unserer mehr als 10-jährigen Cloud-Hosting-Erfahrung und unserem globalen Team von Cloud-Experten Gebrauch.

Christoph Kroll,
Bereichsleiter, Körber

Ein Vorteil von SaaS (Software as a Service) ist die plattformunabhängige Verfügbarkeit, mit der sich die Körber Lösungen lückenlos an die bestehende Systemlandschaft anbinden lassen. Ein weiterer besteht in der Einsatzbereitschaft für herkömmliche mobile Endgeräte auf Basis iOS, Android und Windows Mobile, die eine unkomplizierte Umstellung möglich machte.

Massimo Acquasanta,
Head of SAP Applications, Braas

Our clients are able to maintain, enhance and improve the solution over time without us being involved, creating a scenario where 5, 10, 20 years from now they’re not just going to be able keep up, they’re going to be able to set the pace, to be the industry benchmark.

Jon Kuerschner,
Director of Product Consulting at Körber

The Körber YMS is the missing link between warehousing and transportation. It helps our customers to solve issues in the yard, and with inbound traffic and dock utilization. It connects and seamlessly integrates already established processes, optimizes them and increases overall operational efficiencies.

Veit Liemen,
Senior Vice President Sales Europe at Körber

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