Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste with Körber’s Pallet Maker

Pallet Maker

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste with Körber’s Pallet Maker

Make every pallet count with Körber's Pallet Maker. Our innovative solution ensures safe, efficient, and cost-effective handling of your products throughout their entire journey.

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Unlock the power of optimized palletizing

Maximize Pallet Space

Eliminate wasted space and ensure optimal product arrangement for every load.


Reduce Shipping Costs

Minimize the number of pallets needed, lowering transportation expenses.


Minimize Damage

Optimize weight distribution for safer product handling and reduced damage claims.


Make every pallet count


In today's fast-paced supply chain, optimizing every step is crucial for efficiency and cost savings. Manual pallet load calculations can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and ultimately lead to wasted space and higher shipping costs.


Our user-friendly calculator takes the guesswork out of pallet loading. It's a powerful tool designed to streamline your operations and maximize profitability.

Calculate your pallet load instantly!


Körber's Pallet Maker is a powerful tool designed with exceptional ease of use. Simply enter your product dimensions, weight, and pallet specifications, and our intuitive software instantly calculates the optimal packing configuration, maximizing space utilization and minimizing shipping costs.


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