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Truckload Carriers

Within transportation supply chain management, optimizing routes, maximizing utilization and minimizing costs per mile are the key drivers to boosting fleet profits – particularly as margins get squeezed and regulations increase.

Trucks are high-value assets. To manage them, businesses must also manage a complex array of data-driven systems, and maintain records for:

  • Fleet maintenance
  • Driver hours
  • Proof of delivery
  • Regulatory compliance

To do all of this effectively, businesses need an efficient way to collect, collate and distribute data through a combination of GPS tracking and telematics systems. These record data on both location and routing. They also monitor and report on aspects such as maintenance requirements, fuel efficiency, driving style, vehicle safety and security.


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Industry challenges

As with any industry, minimizing overheads and maximizing profits are key. However, achieving this in the ever-changing transportation and logistics services industry is challenging.

Vehicle failures, congested roads and road closures can lead to operational downtime and schedule disruption. And customers increasingly expect full visibility across the transportation supply chain.

Because of fluctuating fuel costs and the growing focus on environmental sustainability, managing fuel efficiency and reducing idle time are essential in order to be able to price competitively and operate both profitably and ethically.

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Körber and our partners helping you conquer supply chain complexity.

The Körber difference

Körber gives you the tools to proactively manage your fleet, digitize your operational processes, and integrate vital data into your transport management system (TMS). This allows you to fine tune your operations.

Capturing and integrating data across your transportation supply chain minimizes time and effort on the ground, while real-time capture makes data immediately available to customers and internal stakeholders.

By pre-empting possible vehicle failures you will reduce fleet downtime, decrease the amount of spare fleet capacity you need and increase the reliability of your customer deliveries.

With over 800 successful deployments, our TMS solution has been developed to fully address the requirements of transport fleet operators. You will keep abreast of emerging regulation, save dispatch time and achieve on-time deliveries.

Allowing you to grow along with your fleet and operational needs, our TMS integrates with:

  • Warehouse management and yard management solutions
  • Key accounting packages
  • Telematics solutions
  • Fuel management systems


Experts on the future

We create the future.

Versatile and scalable, our TMS suits the needs of any size of business. It helps your fleet managers meet customer and stakeholder demands, optimize efficiency and increase your profitability.

We understand the challenges of running a transport fleet and how to overcome them. Through our long-term consultative partnership approach, you will develop a future-proof transportation management solution that will grow and adapt with your evolving business needs.

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