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Supply chain management for freight brokers, truckload carriers, and third-party and fourth-party logistics providers has become increasingly complex, with a growing number of online and omni-channel workflows to accommodate.

To balance the needs of shareholders and customers, supply chain providers need to:

  • Reduce costs to stay competitive
  • Comply with changing regulations
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Deliver faster and at better price points
  • Provide transparent visibility at every step in the journey

Across the different modes of transportation and supply chain management, this means fully utilizing teams and assets, whether fixed or on the road.

By digitizing your supply chain to automate workflows, you can increase transparency and enable seamless end-to-end processes. This will help your business to run at maximum efficiency.

Case study - BOOXpress

10 million SKUs, 400 trucks, 6 days a week

How one transportation services provider for an omnichannel book vendor automates planning and management of an extensive transport network

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Industry challenges

Whether you are a regional or large, global logistics service provider, highly effective supply chain solutions are essential to helping you meet customer demand while remaining profitable and competitive.

Körber provides a complete portfolio of supply chain solutions. It includes highly performant warehouse, transportation and yard management systems that help optimize workflows and efficiencies across your transportation supply chain. Voice, vision and mobility solutions further improve speed and accuracy of operations.

Our solutions are modular and can be customized to your requirements to precisely fit your unique operating model. They are also scalable and can be adapted to grow and evolve with your future business needs.

Our solutions are used by leading distributors, shippers and logistics businesses to power their operations. With extensive experience in the transportation industry, Körber is your partner of choice, having worked with the full range of transportation providers and shippers, from small-to-medium regional businesses to the leading international service providers.

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