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In the pharmaceutical and life science sectors, as in most industries, maintaining high customer service levels while managing costs and remaining scalable is imperative. Unique to these sectors are the highly complex regulatory environment and government mandates requiring complete transparency, largely to combat pharmaceutical counterfeiting. This includes all validation, testing and documentation along the supply chain, from the supplier through the manufacturer and wholesale to retail pharmacies and drugstores.

Yet, in the absence of a common global regulation framework, meeting the requirements of individual countries can be a challenge for companies with a cross-territory footprint. To address this, specific compliance measures need to be built into pharmaceutical and life science supply chain management systems.


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Industry challenges

To meet the supply chain traceability requirements of individual countries, pharmaceutical and life science management systems need to track and trace the hierarchy of products in batches, lots and down to each product unit level. Therefore, serialization of products throughout the process – and as they move to each new location – remains a key logistical imperative.

Efficient picking, packaging and shipping processes are vital, given the high order volumes. The nature of pharmaceutical and life science products necessitates very stringent quality control processes, as well as a high degree of dangerous goods management, from storage and handling through to manufacture, transportation and delivery. Another requirement is temperature-controlled handling and its documentation from goods intake through to storage and transport.

Addressing all of this requires highly accurate and effective solutions for warehouse, transportation and yard management, as well as specialized track and trace systems.

The Körber difference

We have extensive experience in designing and delivering automated pharmaceutical and life science supply chain management solutions.

We customize each implementation according to your operational and regulatory environment. For example, we can leverage the serialization functionality of our warehouse management system, or design a standalone system. We can also integrate highly specialized automation equipment to address handling and packaging requirements, and to achieve the necessary high throughput rates for the very small and light products typical of this industry.With our extensive experience, we will design a solution that is highly customized, configurable and adaptable to your evolving needs, allowing you to create enhancements to support new processes.

Our pharmaceutical and life science supply chain software solutions meet the industry-specific requirements of both manufacturers and distributors. They enable complete transparency and full track and trace of incoming goods through to proof of delivery, from batches down to individual units.

Through integration with quality management systems, our solutions can also help you with mandated quality control processes such as sample testing, quarantining and the release or rejection of raw materials and finished products. They can also integrate with other complementary IT solutions, giving you seamless end-to-end processes according to your business needs.


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