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Ecommerce supply chain management is continuously transforming and growing in complexity. In today’s online world, suppliers need to meet consumer demand through new strategies, including multi-channel and omnichannel retailing, with fulfillment models such as in-store, web storefronts and drop-ship programs.

Retailers need to manage more diverse product lines, smaller orders, more frequent product returns and warranty programs. Customers expect fast delivery, with services such as free or discounted shipping, as well as value-added services like gift-wrapping.


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Industry challenges

Faced with industry disruption, fierce competition and seasonal fluctuations, retailers need to do more with less, while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Increasing order numbers and varying order types add to fulfillment complexity; for example, an increase in single-unit orders and orders with multiple SKUs of the same product in different sizes or colors in the same shipment.

Internet retailers need to manage fluctuations in order volumes, such as surges in demand for promotional or seasonal items. All these factors emphasize the need for forward planning and rapid response to change, in order to manage goods flows and minimize costs.

Yet, the different components of the ecommerce supply chain can create information silos, impacting operational efficiency and customer service.

To ensure continued success and customer loyalty, retailers need to provide a fast and consistent service across every touchpoint of the buying process.

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The Körber difference

Our solutions provide substantial benefits for ecommerce supply chain management. They enable complete visibility of warehouse and store operations for inventory, stocks and order status.

Our software offers the adaptability to handle multiple order types. Through a unique set of execution workflows with different cut-off times, you can streamline order picking and offer different delivery options, as preferred by your end customers.

All of our ecommerce supply chain solutions are scalable to handle any number of orders and volume of goods. You also have the flexibility to change your workflows, so you can continue to deliver a tailored and integrated customer experience across all channels. They also offer key functionality for ecommerce, including comprehensive returns processing and centralized management of transport service providers and Courier Express Parcel services (CEP) to control cost. Integrated track and trace functionality, including proof of delivery, allows you to keep track of your shipments. The result is complete visibility of the supply chain, from the supplier to the point of sale to the end customer.


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Another benefit is the seamless integration with other software solutions, such as our transportation management systems or our parcel shipping solutions. Our warehouse control solution provides a single point of control for automated warehouse technologies, such as conveyors, carousels and stacker cranes from multiple vendors.

Through the multiple advantages of a Körber ecommerce supply chain management solution, you will be able to meet the evolving demands of omnichannel customers, increase order accuracy and optimize delivery times. This in turn will help improve your operational efficiency and ultimately your bottom line. Most importantly, you will secure the loyalty of your greatest business asset: your customers.

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