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Fashion, Apparel & Footwear

All consumer sectors have seen big changes, and big challenges, thanks to the arrival of omnichannel commerce. But few have been affected as much as the rapidly evolving fashion, apparel and footwear industry.

Retail was once dominated by large chains of brick-and-mortar stores, whereas now many retailers have no store presence at all. They are in direct competition with both smaller, adaptable brands and ecommerce giants such as Amazon, which have created customer “next-day delivery” expectations.

To respond to this new competition, apparel and footwear retailers must now find ways to optimize and continually improve their supply chains, while also maintaining sustainable profit margins and differentiating their offering.

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Industry challenges

Consumers now expect complete flexibility in how and where they shop. If they see stock on a retail store’s website, for example, they want the flexibility to be able to order it online for next-day delivery or to collect it from the store on the same day.

From a retailer’s perspective, this means different elements of the fashion and apparel supply chain must be seamlessly integrated in order to meet these expectations.

In order to stay competitive, keep customers happy and remain profitable, they must learn how to:

  • Differentiate themselves in terms of both products and service offered
  • Create consistently positive customer experiences
  • Allow shoppers to interact and transact with brands on their own terms
  • Offer a huge variety of sizes and colors
  • Show accurate availability of stock
  • Offer convenient customer-focused fulfillment options
  • Manage different omnichannel order types from one location, including online and drop-ship orders, plus retail store replenishment

More process complexity comes with the need to stock growing product varieties with differing fabrics, colors and sizes, as well as storage requirements and labeling. This is further compounded by increasing product return rates, and seasonal productivity and demand peaks.

To stay competitive and secure customer loyalty, businesses need adaptable picking, packing and distribution systems enabling swift and accurate fulfillment, while also handling fluctuating order volumes.

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The Körber difference

We understand the specific challenges of running a fashion, apparel and footwear company, and offer the solutions necessary to help businesses stay agile and competitive.

Apparel and footwear retailers must provide excellent customer service, as a standard. We have found disappointing customer experiences are often a result of outdated or inflexible supply chain systems and processes.

By streamlining current processes in your warehouse or distribution center, you can simplify order fulfillment and gain a strong competitive advantage based on high levels of customer service, order accuracy and agility.

Our tailored solutions can be customized to the needs of any scale or type of fashion, apparel and footwear business, helping you drive efficiencies across your entire operation. Our solutions are flexible and can be adapted to fit your precise needs so they can increase your operational efficiency through sophisticated functionality.

They are based on an innovative technology platform and will continue to grow and adapt with your business, making sure you stay competitive and are always ready to respond to changes in this rapidly evolving market.


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