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Unchain Your Potential with Körber Supply Chain

At the heart of every solution, every success, is a team of dedicated professionals willing to help each other while bringing creativity and energy to every project. Körber Supply Chain is the embodiment of this.

Körber Supply Chain Careers

The supply chain industry offers a unique perspective on how the world works. If you ever looked at your cup of coffee and asked, “How did those beans end up all the way over here?,” you will be right at home with Körber. After all, our solutions cover how products move from the manufacturing line to a shopper’s doorstep and everything in-between – conquering any complexity our customers may face along the way!

Körber Supply Chain is the home to hundreds of the best minds in the industry, spanning technology for warehousing, logistics, transportation, and more. You won’t just gain a new perspective on commerce. You’ll work with some of the biggest brands in the world and empower smaller players to disrupt the market—maybe even change the world.

From a collection of unique companies, our roots have been firmly in the industry for decades and now the spirit of entrepreneurship lives on in Körber Supply Chain. We’re looking for innovators with fresh ideas and a spark to join our team as we continue to grow internationally.
Turn your passion into a fulfilling career with Körber Supply Chain!

The Körber Supply Chain Job Market

We are currently improving our job market for you, so please use our online platforms available for your application in your preferred country:

Our recruitment team

If you have any questions regarding opportunities at the Koerber Group or your professional development with us, please reach out to us via +49 40 21107 291 or

Please apply exclusively through our job portal .

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