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Congratulations to our Elevate EMEA Award winners!

We have recognized the efforts of our customers and partners that conquer/help us conquer supply chain complexities worldwide.

Our customers and partners are conquering supply chain complexities worldwide. No business is the same, but they are all facing similar changes – from increasing consumer expectations to shorter delivery times. We celebrate resilience in the face of adversity and that’s why we have recognized the tremendous work that goes into overcoming these challenges with an Elevate EMEA Award. Our customers had the opportunity to win in six different categories:

  • End Customer Experience
  • Labor engagement, safety, efficiency
  • Digitization & process automation
  • Facility optimization
  • End to end optimization
  • Agility & Resilience

We are pleased to present this year’s champions.

Winners in the category “End customer experience”

  • Hermes Europe GmbH (Germany)– The multinational delivery company implemented Körber’s Yard Management solution.The project not only optimized the virtual interface between the warehouse and transport- it offers increased flexibility in coordinating invoiced transports, reduced waiting times and simplified processes.
  • GXO (France) - Formally known as XPO, GXO has worked on several innovative projects in France and Continental Europe with Körber. Over the past 24 months they’ve deployed Körber’s Voice solutionsacross all environments, deployed our Körber cloud solution to track quality on reception and expedition process, and are currently deploying six different Körber AMR projects throughout Europe. They continually look to evolve and transform their offering for their end customers – staying ahead of the game.

Winners in the category “Labor engagement, safety, efficiency”

  • Clarks (UK), founded in 1825, is one of the oldest shoe shops in the UK. In recent years, Clarks celebrated worldwide growth and became a global brand. However, like so many, it had to refocus its operations due to the pandemic. The retailer powered its workforce giving visibility to stock levels via our warehouse management solution, and replaced the existing warehouse control system with that from Kӧrber. Futureproofing their Westway distribution center has given them control back and enabled them to adapt and meet the challenges of COVID.  
  • Maison Thiriet (France) – The French Agrifood company employees over 3000 staff, manages 180 stores and handles 90 delivery centers across the country. This is in addition to more than 500 locations across Europe and Asia! Replacing its existing voice solution with one from Körber, which includes a screen, the company enabled visual multi-order picking within the cold chain environment. Operator productivity has increased as they are now highly efficient with reduced errors.

Winner in the category “Digitization & Process”: Toolstation

Toolstation is one of Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies. With a multi-channel offering, customers can buy online or at over 500 branches across the UK. Moving from very low-tech, manual processes they introduced Körber’s voice and warehouse execution solutions to increase efficiencies, improved retail operations and customer experience.

Winner in the category “Facility optimization”: Yusen

Global logistics company Yusen wanted to create digital twins of all their sites in the UK to respond to tenders more quickly and accurately. They now use our modelling and simulation solution CLASS 40% of time on new business plans, 30% on renewals and 30% on transformational projects.  For example: one customer who moved from 5 to a single large was able to assess several scenarios to choose the best layout. Now, they use the solution to share new and updated simulations for potential operational improvement projects.

Winner in the category “End-to-end optimization”: JYSK

Scandinavian home furnishings retailer JYSK optimized operations in Southeastern Europe through a new, highly automated distribution center enabled with the unique end-to-end solutions and expertise of Kӧrber. This includes the integration of SAP EWM to meet consumer’s ecommerce demands. The result is seamless omnichannel distribution from strategic storage (200,000 pallets), higher efficiency and speed (400 Euro pallets per hour) and reduced transport to the yard by approximately 4.5 million km per year.

Winner in the category “Agility & resilience”: Franz Binder

As a traditional logistics company, Franz Binder’s processes were heavily manual. They aspired to become experts in digital processes to maintain exponential growth – this includes picking larger quantities and achieving more from their limited space and employees. Powered by SAP and automation solutions integrated by Kӧrber, employees no longer waste time traveling on the pick route and are kept busy in the production area.

Congratulations to all our Customer Innovation Award winners!

Honoring our partners

We also rely on our partners worldwide to ensure we stay as close to our customers as possible. Two of those have especially stood out to us in their endeavor to support us and our customers.

Partner Award category “Breaking new ground”: Veeloo Logistics

With over 20 years’ experience developing, implementing, and maintaining warehouse organizations for top-10 organizations in retail, e-commerce, wholesale, production and 3PL, Veeloo Logistics played a key role in breaking into a new market with Körber in the Benelux region. The team’s dedication and vision has enabled them to achieve their first sale in this territory.

Partner Award category “Compelling transformation story”:

Balloon One played a key role in the supply chain transformation for Beauty Bay – enabling Beauty Bay to completely change their business model and enjoy growth where others struggled in the market during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Along with implementing our very first Cloud Warehouse Automation, Balloon One will continue working with Beauty Bay on near and long-term growth plans.

Congratulations to our Partner Award winners for putting in all the hard work to conquer our customers’ supply chain complexities. We’re looking forward to further projects with your support!

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