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Congratulations to our Elevate Award winners

Our five-day virtual user conference, Elevate Americas, is coming to an end.  We’re excited to present the winners of this year’s Elevate Awards, our annual recognition of customer and partner achievements throughout the year.


Complexity in the eyes of Körber is not a problem or difficulty, but rather an opportunity and a differentiator. Not only can we conquer it with right solutions and partner, but it should also be embraced.

Taking last year as an example, many supply chain professionals have looked adversity in the eye but still managed to turn around an unprecedented situation. The pandemic, coupled with heightening consumer expectations, a rapidly shifting political landscape affecting global trade, the emergence of new technologies, labor challenges, sustainability and beyond has forced us to reimagine the supply chain. 

This is another reason why we want to celebrate those extraordinary achievements.

Customer Awards

The companies in our “Elevate Customer Awards”  have embraced today’s challenges and overcome complexities – capitalizing on and finding unique opportunities through the power of Körber’s solutions and services to meet today’s demands. Congratulations to this year’s Customer Award winners:

  • Thinking Outside the Box: evo
    The retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel combined the power of Körber’s K.Motion WMS with Körber and partner Locus Robotics’ autonomous mobile robotics solutions to handle seasonal peaks and keep up with the rapid growth of its online business.
  • Compelling Transformation Story: Farmer Brother’s Coffee
    Due to COVID-19, Farmer Brother’s Coffee had to find a new venue for their products – and did so by shifting from B2B to B2C operations – delivering direct to consumer via a new online store. The retailer powered their mobile workforce with our direct store delivery solution - K.Motion OmniTech.
  • Standout Business Benefit: Lineage Logistics
    This 3PL provider has become the world’s largest provider of refrigerated warehousing – operating 1 Billion SQ ft and 300+ locations globally. Utilizing the K.Motion WMS, Lineage has set the standard for support excellence across the global food supply chain.
  • Re-imagine: Austin’s Couch Potatoes
    Immediately after COVID-19 hit, the home furnishings retailer and manufacturer converted their upholstery factory into an overnight COVID mask operation. The PROFITsystems user developed kits and materials for consumers to make their own masks, along with distributing over 1,000,000 masks throughout Texas.

Women Leaders Awards

According to Gartner’s 2020 Women in Supply Chain Survey, women make up only 39% of the supply chain workforce. And this has remained unwavering year-over-year. Here at Körber, we want to see this percentage shattered - along with the rest of the glass ceiling. 

Part of making this a reality is promoting the achievements of women and their leadership in our industry. For this reason, we have formally recognized five female leaders from across our partner network and customers.

This year’s honorees are:

  • Alex Lithwick, VP of Operations, Thrive Market
    Thrive Market experienced a huge influx of customers and orders due to COVID-19 -  with their Black Friday volumes being 300% higher than 2019.  Alex smoothly led the charge on scaling to fulfil the ever-increasing demands.
  • Christina Hollingsworth, VP of IT, Hamilton Beach Brands
    Christina transformed the IT and Business Solutions for Hamilton Beach Brands while building a new culture. This included the implementation of a new ERP solution and WMS which successfully went live during the pandemic with remote assistance.
  • Ginette Hall, VP Digital Factory Lead, Flowers Foods
    After starting in a technical roll as a programmer 26 years ago, Ginette progressed to manage their IT group, to VP of Enterprise Applications, and most recently to VP Digital Factory Lead for Flowers Foods.
  • J.J. Barnes, CMO, enVista
    JJ boasts 20+ years of experience in the supply chain. this includes helping educate the market about the pressures that the field endures, and the technologies available to anticipate and react. She is also a mentor and role model to many women in the space.
  • Kim Wooten, Director of IT, Milwaukee Tool
    Over the last 9 years, Kim has steadily risen from starting as a Project Manager to Director of IT in 2020.  She has a proven track record of strong IT leadership, partner relationship management, infrastructure, and planning.

Partner Awards

Re-imagining your supply chain requires more than technology; a partner who deeply understands your unique complexities. Apart from our more than 2,300 in-house professionals for production, service and sales, we know the value of having someone local to our customers, and the value of extending the capabilities of our team even further through more than 100 technology and implementation partners around the world. 

For this reason, we have recognized four partners who have helped us empower our customers to conquer their complexities and re-imagine their supply chains.

This year’s winners are:

  • Standout Business Benefit: E2 Solutions
    E2 has been a strategic implementation partner of Korber’s for years. Most recently, they empowered apparel retailer Boot Barn to expand operations. This includes the integration of the K.Insight Warehouse Control System, successfully managing the company’s new automation solutions for throughput improvements as high as 40%.
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Locus Robotics
    The Locus team plays a pivotal role in the rollout of autonomous mobile robotics solutions for warehouses worldwide. This includes evo, our Customer Elevate Award winner within the same category, who revolutionized their operations with an AMR solution from Körber and Locus.
  • Compelling Transformation Story: Bricz
    Bricz played a key role in the supply chain transformation for Restaurant Depot – conducting a network and facility assessment AND developing the company a business, process and technology roadmap. Along with implementing K.Motion WMS, Bricz will continue working with Restaurant Depot on near and long-term growth plans.
  • Re-Imagine: iWMS
    iWMS took on a critical role to empower Moran Logistics with unique enabling technology.

Congratulations to all winners of this year’s awards. We hope this encourages others to embrace the opportunities that lie in supply chain challenges.

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