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Learn how to increase your efficiency with the Palletizing Robot PA15

A common goal among supply chain operations all around the world is to achieve top palletizing efficiency. Palletizing systems play a crucial role in the overall performance of entire operations and can no longer be looked at as independent or isolated parts.


A Long-term Solution to Your Immediate Needs

To reach top efficiency palletizers need to be integrated and be part of the overarching system that looks to move more goods faster and in a safer way.
The problem is that many companies still rely on legacy systems, that besides not performing according to expectations, are also outdated and inflexible. 

It is true that updating or upgrading a palletizing system can be an expensive and quite complex endeavor. But to carry on with old systems also means that companies are incurring hidden costs and expensive maintenance procedures.

It isn’t possible to achieve top performance with legacy systems. To achieve higher efficiency all systems must work as one.
Due to our close contact with our customers, at Körber we know what is necessary to develop a holistic approach that combines high performance with gentle product handling, flexibility and upgradable possibilities. 


Introducing the Palletizing Robot PA15


Körber’s PA15 is a state-of-the-art modular palletizing solution that is able to maximize output and brings high flexibility. It is a system that can be adapted to each operation's specific needs.
While speed and efficiency are its primary goals, the PA15 can handle any kind of product or goods, including highly fragile items. Equipped with a driven placement belt, the palletizing robot PA15 guarantees careful product processing, by conveying instead of pushing them. This technique handles items with greater care, resulting in less damaged goods and better overall efficiency.


Palletizing Robot PA15: a solution built for performance that delivers results no matter where or how


Another great benefit of this palletizing solution is that it solves some of the main issues that legacy solutions have: high maintenance costs and lack of upgrade possibilities.
Once the time comes to upgrade your operations, the palletizing robot PA15 doesn’t require to be completely replaced. Due to its modular nature, it can be easily adapted and upgraded without causing significant disruptions.
The PA15 was built to be upgraded up to three Z-axes, which maximize palletizing from 4 up to 10 layers. And as we know that upgrades represent a big investment for companies, the palletizing robot PA15 increases operational profit, reducing by 70% the needed investment costs as well as installation and startup times in layer speed upgrades.
The design is also maintenance-friendly and brings a large decrease in maintenance costs, with a decrease of 10% in general maintenance operations and a footprint reduction of 40%.
Körber’s Layer Palletizer PA15 is an all-around palletizing solution that delivers top efficiency, while addressing the needs for maximum flexibility, upgrade needs and better product care.


 Top Performance


  • 2nd place at Materialfluss’ PRODUCT OF THE YEAR awards
  • Used amongst the world’s top 10 tissue manufacturers
  • Multi-patented technology

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