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Palletizer Solutions

We provide complete automated palletizing solutions, encompassing the layer and robot palletizer hardware, the palletization software, and the system integration. Designed to palletize and transport almost any product, our solutions support a wide range of industries, from tissue and paper processing to chemical and food distribution.

Palletizing solutions to support Tissue Industry

Pallet logistics challenges

Increasing demand on the consumer goods industry makes it more difficult to maintain market success, putting pressure on businesses to:

Increase productivity

Optimize processes

Reduce costs

Single source robotic palletizing systems

In a highly competitive market, precision palletizing and transportation is crucial to increasing production, reducing costs, and optimizing material flow. Key to supporting this is an automated palletizing solution, seamlessly integrated into the inner-plant logistics.

We offer a range of robotic palletizing systems to meet this need, including both the software and the layer and robot palletizer hardware. These systems are constantly improved to meet both customer need and the ever-growing market requirements.

Our palletizer solutions include:

  • Project development
  • Creation of technical specifications
  • On-site advice
  • AutoCAD layouts
  • Presentations
  • Calculations and quotes
  • Negotiations
  • Order confirmations
  • Ongoing project support

Solutions are first developed by a team of designers, technicians, and engineers. These are then implemented by production and assembly teams, ensuring timely and customer-oriented project delivery.

A key component of our solutions is our expert advice. Our qualified sales engineers and project managers are committed to finding the right solutions to match our customers’ needs, however complex they may be.

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    Key benefits

    End-to-end solution

    We deliver complete automated palletizing solutions, which means the mechanics, hardware and software are all closely attuned to each other.

    Tailored delivery

    Our palletizer solutions are designed with the customer in mind, accounting for the unique requirements of their market, their business, and their objectives.

    Expert support

    We provide expert advice and support throughout project implementation and beyond, ensuring our customers are always able to get the most out our pallet automation systems.

    The Körber difference

    From conceptualization and design to development and production, our expert teams provide practical, automated palletizing solutions to resolve complex logistics tasks to meet our customers’ operational needs. This expertise, combined with our end-to-end hardware, software, and system integration, is the foundation for optimal material flow, streamlined processes and increased productivity.

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