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Why 12 Supply Chain Technology Companies will Become Körber

By now, you’ve likely heard the news: Körber Supply Chain’s 12 sister companies will be charting a bold new course in supply chain technology.

Where we were once separate businesses, we’re now Körber—a complete technology provider from the factory floor to store shelf, with deep software, material handling, mobility, and automation expertise to build the right solution for your unique supply chain challenges.

So why are we making the shift now?

To put it simply, it’s because we believe the best way to conquer the supply chain’s steadily increasing complexities is by working together. Factories and warehouses are overwhelmed by customer demand to deliver faster and directly to their doorstep. Consumers want greater choice, leading to more SKUs to manage. And in recent environments, it has been difficult to attract good labor. By bringing software, hardware and our global team of experts under one roof, we’re offering a multi-pronged approach that brings new possibilities in supply chain technology that get these complexities under control.

Our CTO Sean Elliott hit the nail on the head as he discussed this new initiative at Elevate 2020. He introduced the four pillars we’re building upon as Körber: Adaptability, Insight, Efficiency and Connectivity. Sean will have several blogs over the next few weeks diving deeper into each, but I wanted to give a high-level overview:


  • Adaptability: Whether you’re in retailing or manufacturing, warehousing or transport, you must be able to identify business challenges and shift in a moment’s notice – turning that challenge into an opportunity. Having access to solutions from 12 sister companies gives you the resources to quickly adapt as consumer demand changes.
  • Insight: Technology is critical not only for your day-to-day operations in today’s supply chain, but also for your future. Your WMS and ERP gather all kinds of data, but without insight, your data is just a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet. So how do you transform that data into insight, and that insight into action? Leveraging the global expertise of 12 sister companies will help you find the trends and adjust processes accordingly.
  • Efficiency: We’ve all heard of the Amazon Effect, and we feel its impact every day. For instance, we’ve worked with customers who offer next-day shipping on all orders until 9 p.m. the day before! And we all know you can’t slow down, because if you do, your competition will introduce faster shipping or easier returns. By combining 12 sister companies, we’re able to construct unique solutions for your specific challenges, keeping you in the game.
  • Connectivity: As I mentioned earlier, we believe the future of supply chain is collaboration – between the devices in your factory or warehouse, and between your customers, partners and suppliers. Connective technology must be fundamental to any supply chain offering. By bringing the 12 sister companies into the fold of Körber, we’re able to connect our offerings and help you build a stronger solution. In addition, our systems continually speak with each other—meaning you have consistent visibility from production to retail.

We’ll have more info to share as Körber in the coming weeks. A few things that won’t change, though: our commitment to superior service and support of our existing products, integrations, and global partner network. We’re still delivering the most value at the lowest total cost of ownership. And our strong customer-first culture will be reflected throughout Körber Supply Chain’s offerings. We’re not losing any of the benefits from the 12 companies. We are truly stronger together.

We’re excited about our future as Körber, and we can’t wait to help our customers leverage the broader range of technologies now at their fingertips. Let’s #conquersupplychaincomplexity together!

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