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The power of the Körber Ecosystem!

Supply chains and daily business are becoming ever more complex. Various entrepreneurs, directors and managers face the challenges of today’s market activities every day. But what issues need to be overcome, and what means can Körber use to help you continue to support their success?

Today’s market situation confronts us with a variety of issues that have to be overcome. Thanks to digitalization and globalization, today’s customers have a wide choice of products, suppliers and distribution channels to satisfy the needs that arise. With this versatile selection there are, among other things, increasing requirements for your supply chain and the general theme within logistics:


The optimum delivery service!


Due to time-efficient e-commerce providers such as Amazon, we are now accustomed to receiving ordered products delivered to our homes in the shortest possible time. Thus the subdivided topics of the delivery service, namely its speed and efficiency, are under increased pressure, which is exacerbated by the existing shortage of skilled workers.


To compensate for this, warehouses can be automated and transport vehicles may possible drive autonomously on roads in the future, but such steps cannot be taken by tomorrow, and implemented from one second to the next.


Thus it is important to continuously put your processes to the test, to partially rethink them and to adjust them in the right places to achieve meaningful, sustainable optimization. Whether the optimization is in the warehouse or in transport - the topic of sustainability also plays an important role.


Numerous Supply Chain challenges 


In the environment of transportation optimization above all, vehicles and drivers can deliver to their customers with capacity more fully utilized and routes optimized, and thus significantly reduce their CO₂ footprint, provided you as a customer have the right transportation management system in use.


There are numerous topics and challenges that are relevant to our customers and which we at Körber Supply Chain are happy to address. But now let’s get to the essence of this article: Our ecosystem and its influence on your business goals!


Photosynthesis is an apt example of the overarching theme of “Ecosystems”. In short, plants use light energy coupled with water and carbon to produce oxygen and glucose. The important aspect in this regard is the ecosystem, which consists of several components that are interdependent and always lead to one or more results.


Five different business units


Körber, with its five different business units, represents just such a system. Based on a wide range of know-how, starting with mechanical engineering and consulting on a modern software concept and extending to maintenance and support, we aspire to accompany you in your projects as a total solution provider.


In other words, we offer customers several elements that can be combined in an optimized way to achieve your goals and wishes. In this article we would like to focus on and briefly highlight our sub-ecosystem, the Körber Supply Chain Business Area.


One of the currently most frequently discussed buzzwords in the supply chain world is the end-to-end process. Here we are talking about everything from creating a customer order to final delivery to the customer, which is tracked in real time using track and trace.


For complete transparency, such a process thrives on the harmonization of interfaces within the supply chain and the interaction of diverse components. As Körber Supply Chain, we focus on innovative, turnkey logistics solutions.


Combination of the right elements


Our Supply Chain Ecosystem starts with a consultation about your individual situation. In this way, we lay the foundation for a combination of the right elements such as perfectly designed warehouse technology and optimized processes, which we support with a cleverly devised software concept. In doing so, we ask ourselves a wide variety of questions, such as:


  • Are existing automation solutions worth retaining, and need they only be adapted or even replaced?
  • How do you control your material flow from incoming goods to delivery?
  • At what points does it make sense to relieve the burden on the workforce through robotics or AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) to free up spaces or overcome other critical challenges?
  • Which software do you need, and at what level of detail? Is the optimization of vehicle spaces and routes sufficient, or do you also consider optimal emission consumption for transport movements?


At Körber Supply Chain, we offer an all-encompassing answer to all these questions. Everything from automation, software and consultancy to maintenance and support. Through our experience gained from over 20 years of logistics, coupled with strong partners such as SAP, we have convinced, won over and delighted numerous customers in the past.

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