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The future of parcel and mail logistics: innovation and sustainability

In this era of continuous change, the logistics industry is always on the lookout for creative solutions that meet rising demand while minimizing environmental impact. As a leading provider in parcel and mail logistics, Körber consistently emphasizes innovation and sustainability to actively shape the future of the industry.

Thorsten Bohn, Sales Director for the Parcel and Mail Division at Körber Supply Chain, provides insight into the vision and innovations driving Körber. He underscores the value of playing an active role in shaping technological progress to make customers more successful and sustainable in their respective domains. This involves developing smart solutions that differ significantly from existing systems and enhance both efficiency and sorting accuracy.


Digitalization and sustainability


A key aspect of these innovations is digitalization, which enables more efficient processes, optimal resource utilization, and cost reduction. Körber combines mechatronic, highly automated solutions with intelligent software to ensure a seamless sorting process for parcels and letters, thereby increasing parcel sorting center throughput.



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As a globally leading provider of sorting technology and solutions, Körber Supply Chain is your partner for parcel and mail.


As emphasized by Thorsten Bohn, sustainability is a key priority. In light of our growing awareness of environmental protection and sustainability, Körber adopts technologies that use resources more efficiently and reduce the parcel and postal industry’s ecological footprint. In the Supply Chain business unit, Körber rigorously assesses its own products through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to drive continuous improvement. Sustainable thinking shapes our actions throughout the entire Körber Group, as confirmed by the EcoVadis Platinum Medal that we received.


Another crucial aspect is our use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By integrating AI algorithms into sorting processes, Körber can analyze data and identify patterns that maximize sorting efficiency and minimize errors. Additionally, AI enables more accurate prediction of parcel flows and optimized route planning, leading to reduced empty trips and CO2 emissions.


From intelligent automation to the vision of “lights-out” facilities where all processes are fully automated, Körber strives to shape the future of sorting centers in a smart and sustainable manner. By integrating AI and other innovative technologies, not only are we increasing efficiency, but we are also reducing environmental impact while simultaneously improving the quality and reliability of services.


In the mail business, Körber focuses primarily on modernizing and upgrading existing mail sorting systems. For instance, uniform OCR solutions for all mail types (letters, large letters, packages) and central video coding systems lead to enhanced operational performance and quality in existing facilities.

Employee engagement and customer orientation


Despite all technological innovations and advancements, one thing remains the true heart of Körber: its employees and their extensive experience. Körber’s team collaborates closely with customers, placing a high priority on customizing and integrating comprehensive systems. The goal is to develop tailored solutions and support their implementation to position them optimally for the future.


The intense customer collaboration allows Körber to fully understand their specific requirements and challenges. Using this foundation, solutions are designed not only to meet current needs but also to be flexible enough to adapt to future developments and changes. The long-standing experience and expertise of Körber’s employees play a crucial role, allowing them to realize innovative ideas and solve complex problems.


Körber also places great emphasis on accompanying its customers at every step of the process. From conception to implementation and beyond, the teams stand by our customers’ side to ensure that the solutions are optimally utilized and deliver the desired benefits.


Overall, it is the combination of technological excellence, extensive experience, and dedicated employees that makes Körber a trusted partner for companies in the parcel and postal industry.


The evolution of parcel and mail logistics is exciting and full of possibilities – and we are confident that this future will be innovative, efficient, and sustainable.

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