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Supply Chain Parcel Logistics debut at Parcel+Post Expo 2022

Parcel+Post Expo celebrated its 25th anniversary in style! And we took the chance to showcase our latest parcel logistics solutions, in its biggest event to date, for the first time as part of Körber.

Parcel+Post Expo is the leading global trade show for the parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics and postal industries. This year’s show was the biggest in its history as it marked the return to Frankfurt, Germany, for the first in-person event since 2019.

The 3-day event counted over 3,500 attendees and combined international exhibitors with 200+ stands from some of the world’s major technology suppliers, with live conferences featuring top postal executives and industry experts.

Parcel+Post Expo put together a unique opportunity to showcase the best solutions that the world of parcel logistics has to offer, while bringing thought leadership to the forefront.


Parcel Logistics taking a stand

But this year’s event was also special for us, as it was the first time that Parcel Logistics was present at a fair as part of Körber. (Previously, it was Siemens Parcel Logistics).

Our stand had over 100 square meters and the presence of colleagues from the USA, Germany, France and the UK. We tried to really leverage the opportunity of this year’s event to create several new business opportunities. Making many new contacts, with meetings taking place on the spot while others being scheduled for the next few weeks.

But this event was also a great chance to reconnect and align with our customers that were present at Parcel+Post Expo. As we recognize the vital importance of solidifying our cooperation by providing the best solutions to match their needs.

Our innovative parcel logistics solutions

As our portfolio offers a wide range of solutions that cover the entire processing line, from unloading to sorting, it was through our close contact with our customers and by listening to their main pain points, that we identified the best solutions to highlight at Parcel+Post Expo.

We know that efficient management of bulk streams is a vital component to successfully process small items, while at the same time being one of the most complex tasks in parcel processing.

By requiring various tasks to work simultaneously and at high speed, and dealing with multiple items in different sizes, shapes and packaging variations, it is a process that really stretches automation to the limit.

To improve processes’ quality and efficiency, it is essential to be able to sort out difficult-to-handle items as early as possible. But this still requires a great degree of manual handling, which is time-consuming and can easily create choke points that slow down and disrupt entire processing lines.

Operations that want to overcome these challenges, need specific solutions that improve the management and the overall efficiency of parcel processing. The Visicon singulator and the VarioPick are two solutions designed with better parcel processing in mind.

Our product highlights from the Parcel+Post Expo

The VarioPick is a highly efficient robotic solution specialized in dynamic picking. Through deep learning technology, it flexibly removes predefined items from a moving 2D bulk stream and precisely identifies the shape and position of each object. The robot can autonomously determine the optimal gripping point and with its special gripper design it guarantees safe transportation at all times.

The Visicon singulator and the Visicon compact, the smaller and more space-saving version, are solutions used to singulate bulk streams. They generate a stream of individual shipments, arranged in a continuous way and with a pre-defined gap between them. The AI-based vision system can accurately detect and record the shape, size and relative position of each parcel. It then forwards this information to the control system, which calculates the singulation parameters and adjusts the variable transport speed.

With a multitude of key experts in attendance, Parcel+Post Expo proved to be a great opportunity to conduct business and network with industry peers. It represented an exciting opportunity to showcase our unique technology and meet and greet, once again, our customers, now as part of Körber.

“Parcel+Post Expo really has it all! It is a trade fair, it is a conference, it is a platform for discovering the latest trends and innovations in the CEP market, and it’s an opportunity to meet our valued customers in person once again and cultivate new business relationships.” 

Thorsten Bohn
Head of Sales Parcel Logistic, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

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