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Warehouses are held to high safety standards, and for good reason – they have plenty of potential hazards like machines with moving parts or falling objects.

Lack of workplace safety – whether due to improper equipment, inadequate training or failure to follow procedures – can result in lost time, product, revenue and employee turnover. To counteract this, organizations are turning to technology to decrease common injuries while increasing efficiencies.

When robots, for instance, perform repetitive tasks or lift heavy objects, workers suffer fewer ergonomic injuries and are able to perform other important tasks. Similarly, automated stacker cranes provide much greater capacity, load and height capabilities than manually operated forklifts – another common source of injuries.
Körber’s next Master Class series, Workforce Efficiencies & Safety, explores ways to improve efficiencies, making workers’ jobs easier and safer – all while reducing waste and cutting costs.

The series is broken down into succinct, easily digestible 30-minute segments that take place from 12-12:30 p.m. EDT over five sessions.

Here’s the information-packed lineup:

  • Sept. 8 – Going beyond picking: how can voice create efficiencies – Discover ways voice increases safety procedures and inspection protocols while improving efficiencies in a variety of tasks
  • Sept. 10 – Digital Twins: Simulating efficiencies in your warehouse – Learn how warehouse simulation software safely enables operations to test the impact of change by creating a digital replica of your warehouse
  • Sept. 15 – Hands-free warehouses: how voice and vision improve safety – Voice and wearable augmented reality glasses enable order picking to go faster while providing a safer working environment 
  • Sept. 17 – How robots can increase safety in your warehouse – Robots that lift, move, carry and retrieve items decrease accidents associated with worker fatigue or lugging heavy objects 
  • Sept. 22 – Adding automation to improve safety and increase productivity – Automating physically demanding work helps improve worker safety and enhances productivity in other areas 

Host Thomas Goldsby, Professor and Chair of Logistics at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business, will introduce each half-hour session. He will then turn the floor over to a speaker well-versed in the day’s topic, followed by a brief Q&A. And if you are unable to attend a session, want to replay or share it with others afterward, a recording will be made available right after the presentation.

For more information and to register, click here. We’ll see you online soon!

By the way, Körber recently held three other Master class sessions, which are available on demand.

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