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Revolutionize your supply chain: How automation systems unleash peak efficiency

In an ever-evolving supply chain, automation systems are emerging as a catalyst for change. These intelligent solutions change the way things flow, how warehouses operate, and to meet customer demands. Among notable innovations, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) stands out as a game changer.

What is an ASRS?


ASRS is a sophisticated warehouse automation technology designed to simplify the storage and return process. Imagine a system that combines precision robots with efficient data-driven decision making. ASRS does just that.


How does the ASRS work?


1. Vertical storage: ASRS systems make efficient use of vertical space. They have long racks or shelves for storing items in bottles, trays, or pallets. These racks can reach multiple heights, maximizing space and storage.


2. Automated retrieval: When an item arrives, ASRS robots (usually guided by rails, lasers, or sensors) immediately locate the requested item. It is collected from the designated area and delivered to the pick-up point.


3. Accuracy and Speed: ASRS reduces human error and provides faster order fulfillment. It ensures that the right product arrives at the right place at the right time.


Key benefits of ASRS


1. Space optimization : The ASRS system makes efficient use of available warehouse space. By direct collection, it reduces the steps required for storage. This is especially valuable in urban areas where land is scarce


2. Write accurate information: Manual inventory is prone to errors. However, the ASRS is an accurate record. It knows exactly where each item is stored, eliminating discrepancies, and ensuring accurate inventory levels.


3. Professional efficiency: ASRS reduces manual reliance. Instead of workers navigating hallways and climbing stairs, robots handle the heavy lifting. This frees people up for more tricky tasks.


4. Orders complete faster: Speed ​​is critical in today’s world of e-commerce. ASRS reduces receipt time, allowing companies to meet customer expectations faster. Whether it’s a manufacturing line spare part or a consumer’s online order, ASRS delivers fast.


5. Error reduction: People can put things in the wrong place or make the wrong choices. ASRS works flawlessly, reducing errors. This equity translates into satisfied customers and reduced costs.


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Manufacturing and distribution organizations know that automation can improve efficiencies, maximize space and increase productivity across their supply chains.


Companies benefiting from ASRS


  • Retail and eCommerce: ASRS enables better order selection and faster restocking. Salespeople can handle the peak times seamlessly.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Health: Accurately managed inventory is important in health. ASRS ensures the prompt availability of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Cold storage: ASRS maintains temperature and preserves perishable materials.
  • Food and Beverage: ASRS increases inventory turnover, ensures freshness, and reduces waste.
  • Paper Industry: ASRS simplifies the storage and retrieval of paper rolls, improving productivity.


Körber’s automated solutions play a key role in helping customers save costs in their supply chains. By automating repetitive tasks, companies reduce their reliance on manual processes, reducing labor costs. In addition, accurate inventory management prevents overstocking or inventory buildup, reducing excess inventory costs. Faster receipt times through ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) allow for faster order processing, reduced penalties, and increased customer satisfaction Automation reduces human error, resulting in marginal benefits, replacements, and associated costs. ASRS maximize warehouse space, eliminating the need for additional storage or flooring.


It improves efficiency, increases productivity, and contributes to significant cost reductions for businesses.


As a leader in supply chain technology, Körber offers innovative ASRS solutions. From bulk warehousing to procurement automation, Körber’s expertise is transforming business. Discover how automation systems can transform your business, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or logistics provider, Körber's solution moves your supply chain into the future.


ASRS is more than warehouse improvement; it is a strategic investment. Learn how it can transform your operations and shape your supply chain for success It improves efficiency, increases productivity, and contributes to significant cost reductions for businesses.

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