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Today’s warehouses are under tremendous pressure to meet demand – and for many, warehouse management technologies are their only chance of keeping up. 

But as Industry 4.0 makes it simpler for innovators to rapidly roll out new technologies at relatively affordable prices, how do you know which technologies will have the greatest positive impact on your unique complexities? And how do you select the right warehouse management system (WMS) to track the data collected from these technologies?

Selecting warehouse management technologies also requires answering a deeper question: do you have the right procedures in place to maximize return on investment? Say you want to adopt automation technologies. Automation absolutely helps warehouses make operational gains by improving speed, efficiency, accuracy and reliability, but it needs the right team implementing and maintaining it. The best-designed automation solutions still require cooperation between man and machine to achieve optimal outcomes.

We’ll address these complexities and more during Körber’s next Master Class Series, Warehouse Technology Excellence. The series will address ways technology can help you meet customer demand while remaining competitive in an ever-progressing, ever-challenging warehouse environment. 

The series is broken down into succinct, easily digestible 30-minute segments that take place from 12-12:30 p.m. EDT over five sessions. Here’s a brief look at what’s coming up: 

  • July 14 – 10 critical capabilities of a WMS – Hear about the most relevant features of a modern-day warehouse management system and how they can help a business find greater success.
  • July 16 – WMS in the cloud – Learn how cloud-based warehouse management systems, with their remote capabilities, continue to pique the interest of warehouse operators and are becoming a key differentiator.
  • July 21 – Getting your ROI in an enterprise or SMB WMS implementation – Learn how to ensure the benefits derived from implementing a warehouse outweigh the cost, as well as strategies for achieving a continual return on that investment.
  • July 23 – From production to last-mile delivery: WMS as the integration point – Find out how warehouse management technology can empower end-to-end supply chain information sharing that will help grow your business.
  • July 28 – From a manual to a fully automated warehouse – Hear about methods for selecting the right automation solution from an endless pool of options to help your business thrive.

Master Class host Thomas Goldsby, Professor and Chair of Logistics at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business, will introduce each half-hour session. He will then turn the floor over to a speaker well-versed in the day’s topic, followed by a brief Q&A. And don’t worry … if you are unable to attend a session, want to replay or share it with others afterward, a recording will be made available right after the presentation.

For more information and to register, click here. We’ll see you online soon!

P.S. Also, Körber’s first and second Master Class series sessions on Addressing Labor Challenges and Cold Storage Trends are available on demand. Each link enables you to watch each session and download accompanying content.

Addressing Labor Challenges is available here, while Cold Storage Trends can be found here.

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