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Increasing Throughput and Connecting Your MHE with Körber Crossbelt Sorter

To overcome today’s complex supply chain and logistic needs spanning customer choice, convenience, and speed, standalone systems need to come together.

What’s most important to automation and material handling equipment (MHE)? Speed? Capacity? Cost? These are all important to effective, automated systems. But, to overcome today’s complex supply chain and logistic needs spanning customer choice, convenience, and speed, standalone systems need to come together. 

The Kӧrber Crossbelt Sorter is the latest addition to the Kӧrber’s Automation portfolio. This sorter offers the capabilities needed to keep up. Some examples include:

  • Transport of up to 14,000 containers per hour
  • 1.8 meter/second conveying speeds 
  • Carrier changeover in in 10 minutes

The Crossbelt sorter brings faster reaction times to orders and higher efficiency. However, we believe that the Crossbelt Sorter provides deeper value to your business through its integrations. With a modular design, this system quickly integrates with any existing systems in your warehouse. This includes Kӧrber automation solutions or Kӧrber software - such as a warehouse management system or warehouse control system. It also integrates with MHE from other technology providers. This gives you the flexibility of adding a high-volume, high-velocity sorter with minimal disruption to your business. 

Integrations include any MHE, from conveyors, shuttles, or beyond. And the sorter links MHE from any area of the warehouse, including receiving, storage, multi-stage picking, or dispatch. To accomplish this, the technology dynamically distributes goods based on any criteria designated by your business and delivers goods at any stage in the process. The versatility of this automation helps overcome not only customer expectations, but labor challenges as well. 

The flexibility of modern MHE and automation systems requires new ways of thinking about your technology stack. Many businesses lack a solid strategy and struggle with implementation, integration, and costs. Kӧrber overcomes all of this. As a global partner with true end-to-end solutions and over 30 years of system integration experience for automation and beyond, we are in a unique position to help you find new levels of success in your operations. 

“Conquering today’s supply chain complexities requires higher levels of automation,” said Pieter Feenstra, chief sales officer for Kӧrber Supply Chain -  Automation. “Intelligently linking different material handling components is necessary to excel in today’s market. Körber offers the consulting, the solutions, the software and systems integration to make it a reality for businesses of any size.”

As the latest addition to the Kӧrber automation solutions, we’re excited to see how the Crossbelt Sorter will help bring our customer’ MHE closer together across the entire warehouse and empower smoother operations fit to manage increasingly complex environments. 

Automation is a highly complex field that requires an in-depth strategy, capable partners, and true collaboration. Let’s talk about how Kӧrber can help you.

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