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Conquering Supply Chain Complexity Together as Körber

With the recent announcement that our company will officially rebrand to Körber, we close one remarkable chapter of our story and start another. It’s incredibly exciting, and this change comes at a perfect time. Here’s a short video to give you a feel for

Businesses increasingly rely on their supply chain as a strategic differentiator. In fact, 85% of executives feel their supply chain is mission-critical to their success, and fulfillment contributes to customer loyalty as we’ve never seen before. But – complexity is getting in the way…

Less than 10% of professionals feel they’re ahead of supply chain challenges. Complexity comes in many forms and makes it harder to create business value through your supply chain. For example: 

  • More than half of professionals already struggle integrating software, hardware, and technology. As a result - 
  • One in three companies still rely on manual methods for receiving, storing, picking and packing. This is tied with the fact that -
  • Less than 50% of professionals can address more than one supply chain challenge at a time – and the number of challenges will only grow alongside heightening consumer expectations.

To face these challenges, supply chains need a sound business strategy – one with technology that drives innovation.

How to conquer supply chain complexity

The nature of our fast-paced and rapidly changing industry welcomes and requires innovation. For this, technology is key. But, we believe that single point solutions alone won’t realize the full potential of your operations. Technologies need to be woven together to work as one.

That’s how Körber uniquely solves supply chain complexity. With 12 top supply chain solution providers coming together under a single, global brand, Körber possesses the solutions and expertise to revolutionize warehousing and logistics unlike anyone else. This includes:

•    Supply Chain Software
•    Automation Solutions
•    Voice, Vision & Mobility
•    Robotics
•    Material Handling Equipment
•    Software Consulting & Implementation
•    SAP Consulting & Implementation

When it’s time to add new systems and processes, why force integrations with multiple vendors and tools that just add more complexity to your operations? Having a single partner that’s ready to take on the next project—to seamlessly integrate one solution with the last—makes each link of your supply chain stronger. 
To capitalize on the full potential of solutions, you also need expert hands that know how to use the tools and put them together in impactful applications. Along with bringing our world-class solutions under a single brand,  we’ve combined the expertise of global teams recognized for proven deployments over the last 30 years. In addition to 1,300 Körber experts, we have over 100 partners around the world to help.

This is just the beginning

While our logo may change, our service and dedication only grow stronger as Körber. Körber isn’t just a technology house or portfolio company—we’re a truly global partner designed to conquer complexity – today and beyond. 

We’re excited to have you join us in this exciting new era! For the next few months, you can keep up to speed with our latest happenings via our current website and social media channels. You can also learn more about our unique offerings and our latest shifts and moves at:

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